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Dear Business Owner, Can I Have Your Attention?

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It was a Friday morning and I was sitting in my client’s office, waiting for our meeting to start. I looked around and saw a picture wall that carried some of the projects she had worked on. I was blown away. How come nobody knows her? I wondered.

My client walked in smiling, she looked so unassuming and if she didn’t introduce herself, I may have mistaken her for someone else. The meeting started and the first thing she mentioned is how she likes to work in silence instead of announcing herself. I smiled. This is why she doesn’t have any digital footprints.

While I understand the rationale behind focusing on your work and letting your results show, it is important to note that in today’s highly technological driven world. It is pertinent to develop your digital footprints. You are not doing this to be vain or showcase yourself, you are doing it to share the value you add to your world via your craft. You are doing it to control the narrative about you online and give yourself a global opportunity to impact more people with your story.

Don’t be casual about how you share your story, don’t be too shy to put your best foot forward and make even more impact. Dear business owner, tell your story!

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